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Facing an Audit or Receiving Letters From IRS?

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Generally, there are 3 types of audits ranging from a simple letter or correspondence audit to a very complex field audit conducted at the taxpayer’s home or office. It is good practice to respond to any notices you receive from the IRS as quickly as possible. You should contact a tax professional, particularly an Enrolled Agent, who is well versed in such matters to handle your tax issue and address your tax situation with IRS revenue officers.  If you contact the IRS prior to contacting us, make sure you do not provide more information to the IRS person than necessary because expansion of the audit may occur. As long as you are not guilty of willful intent to defraud the government, you should be able to survive the audit. Thus, a properly prepared and recorded tax return could save you from a potential audit.

Whatever your situation, CB Tax Accounting Inc can provide you with full support through the audit process, with periodic updates of the status of the audit and follow-up telephone calls to IRS personnel to ensure that your audit progresses as planned.

Audits can be time-consuming and costly. At CB Tax Accounting Inc our fees are fiercely competitive and our service is no less than the best in the industry. Our track records prove our exemplary performance .

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